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Stages of Periodontal Disease

Four stages of Periodontal Disease
stage I Gingivitic - Margin of attached gingiva (gum) is inflamed and swollen. Plague covering teeth. Treatment can reverse condition.
stage II Earily Periodontitic - Entire attached gum is inflamed and swollen. Mouth is painful and odor gegins to be noticeable. Professional treatment and home dental care can prevent this from becoming irreversible.
stage III Moderate Periodontitic - Cherry red and bleeding attached gum is being destroyed by infection and calculus (tartar). Sore mouth affects eating and behavior. Bad breath is present. Beginning of periodontal disease may be irreversible.
stage IV Advanced Periodontitic - bacterial infection is destroying the gum, tooth and bone. Bacteria may be spreading throughout the entire body via bloodstream and may damage the kidneys, liver and heart.
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